Why Are School Districts Against Us?

special needs daughter

Seriously, enrolled my 7 yr old daughter in school today and all is looking good so far. A good teacher to start and the process to get everything paid for, signed, etc., was super easy. Then it comes to Birkley. I receive a phone call today and her charter school is having difficulty getting help from the school district in regards to getting a para for Birkley and won’t pay for her to ride the bus. Honestly, when does the fighting stop? Why is the school district always against us parents, making our life hard? Why can’t they understand that we are doing the best we can as parents and we need support? Don’t they see how precious our kids are? Ugh, all I’m feeling is.. here we go again but hoping and praying that all gets figured out sooner than later.

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Author: Tamra

I started Special Living Today because my middle child, Birkley, was born with CMV which caused profound hearing loss, hypotonia, physical and motor delay. I'm a UI/UX designer living in Golden, Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Why Are School Districts Against Us?”

  1. Keep fighting! You are Birkley’s only voice. Our school district has cut so much because of budgets and sadly those cuts always result in the most important things our kids need!

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