When Does it End?

Swear I love everything about our life, well almost everything but does it ever get easier? Feel like every week I’m pushing for something, calling to set up appointments, checking with sitters to try and fit everything in. Ugh, so done sometimes.

Anyway if you notice I don’t post much on weekends it’s because I try to escape for a little. Try to ignore the fact that I have a daughter with special needs or just more needs than the rest of us. I mean who wants to research products, services, camps, etc. all the time? Not me. For once, I’d like to pretend that we are still a cool family who likes to have a few drinks, have dinner parties, go shopping and all the things we used to do before life got nuts.

If you feel the same, would love to hear from you. Know we all care about our kids but come on, can’t work on everything all the time. Can someone please put my daughters implants on, can someone walk her around the house because she is super antsy…Ahh

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