What is In? Help for Some of Us Moms

What is In? Help for Some of Us Moms

know whats in - Sweet Savory Studio and Allie Photo Stylist

For me, I like to buy a few “in” pieces every so often just so when I go out with my husband or friends, I can feel good about myself and escape the every day craziness of being a mom.

This is a guest post from my dear friend, Allie. She knows everything about what’s in, what’s hot, what’s not and knows a thing or two about celebrity gossip as well. Love it. She has 2 kids, Noah, 6 and Sadie, 4. Allie is a freelance photo stylist here in Denver, CO and her work is beautiful. You can see her portfolio at: http://www.alliestylist.com

So here’s the rundown for what’s in right now:

  • Stripes are huge (again,still) but now for pants, tops and shoes
  • IKAT and tribal prints for shirts and pants/shorts
  • Bright colored skinny jeans–kelly green, red, blue, purple…
  • Sperry topsiders (like the ones from the 80’s)
  • Canvas espadrilles, especially TOM’s
  • Mixing different prints together
  • Bright colored ballet flats
  • Bold, colorful jewelry
  • Layering clothes is always good
  • Back packs–but cute ones
  • Beads!–shirts with beads, bags with beads
  • Blazers–little black v
  • Blazers paired with a cute knee length or shorts

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