What a Great Day!

So was just thinking back to one of our really fun days after school (we all know that 4-7 time frame is the hardest sometimes). A few girls who live down the street came over to help me just so we could go to the park. Was so nice. Just always makes me think of how much better our life could be if my daughter was walking. I always get jealous of other families because they most likely don’t even think twice about going to the park with their three kids but when one just turns 2 and the other can’t walk, it makes it difficult to do just the small things. Most of the time, their is no such thing as a last minute decision. Know a lot of us share this same situation. Either way, think we all need a few 12 year old’s to come to our rescue here and there. I feel so fortunate to have met this wonderful family and makes me so happy to see my kids happy and active. I try to do what I can but when I try to be a super mom and try to handle something by myself when I know I shouldn’t, I always get stressed, sweaty, and know other parents are looking at me like I’m a crazy woman. Plus the outing usually lasts about 15-20 minutes because I can’t handle it.

Thank you to all you families out there who reach out to help others. It makes our day and I couldn’t ask for a better gift. My family and kids thank you too.

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