The Need to Slow Down

The Need to Slow Down


When I dropped Birkley off at school today, her physical therapist stopped me for a little to go over some things she is working on with Birkley. I knew she’s been improving but so fun to see her therapist so excited about her and her progression. She showed me what to work on at home to get her to use her left hand more, what they are doing at school with this ballet bar type thing, etc. Just being there for ten minutes was so helpful and such a great reminder of why I need to just slow down and focus on Birkley for a little. If that means I need to slow down on my web biz, than that’s what I am going to do. I realize not every mother has that option but for me, I can and feel I owe it to Birkley to help her succeed.

So now here comes the research again. I need to put up bars in my house, buy more magnetic type toys, toys to help her with her hands and to make her think, a spinner type thing to give her another sense of movement, and on top of that I still need to research more foods for her, work on the sleep issue and on and on.

I look forward to catching up on my daughter and her needs but ugh, how we do mothers keep up? All I know is, we have to stop at some point but hate knowing that there is so much more I can do. If we only had the time, right?

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