Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Deaf School!

Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Deaf School!

Rocky Mountain Deaf School
Rocky Mountain Deaf School has been working on securing land to build a new school. I just wanted to tell everyone in Colorado what a wonderful school RMDS is and why they should support the new build.

Birkley started at RMDS at the end of January when we moved from Denver to Jefferson County. I can’t even describe the amount of progress she has made since she’s been there and it’s only been about 3.5 months. Birkley has made huge strides in her vocalization, her attention to detail, her physical challenges and her ability to learn sign language.

Like most special needs kids, communication is always a tough one. In our case, Birkley would bang her head on the floor, clench her teeth, and start to cry and scream. It was always a guessing game to find out what she wanted and most times I would get frustrated and end up in tears if I couldn’t figure it out. We had always used sign language with her but she needed more one on one help at school in order for her to start understanding it more and to start learning it. At the time, the school she was at just wasn’t able to give her the same amount of help and support.

Today with the help of RMDS, Birkley has made huge strides. She has signed milk, water, mom, jump, tree and possibly more. It’s of course hard to tell at times but it’s a miracle she is even communicating. She uses her hands more than she ever did before, she has been babbling a ton which is a part of learning sign language and something most deaf children do as they progress and she has started to make really loud vocal sounds where we have to speak up sometimes to get over her voice. Birkley has also been more focused at times and is now sitting better, getting up on all four’s all the time to the point where she is about to start crawling, and overall getting stronger in her legs, arms, and better motor control in her hands.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to this school. As a parent, all we want is for our children to move forward. We want to see big accomplishments and feel good about where we bring our children every day. Have to say this is the first school Birkley has been to where I don’t feel stressed when I leave. Birkley is happy every time I say bye with a huge smile on her face and know she’s in the best hands.

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