Shake Recipe Ideas if Main Source of Food


If looking for some recipe ideas, hope these can help. After years of looking, researching and trying to figure out a healthier way for my daughter to eat, enjoy what she’s eating and receiving a healthy and balanced meal, we finally have some great mixes that work well. Plus affordable too.

Apple Pie Shake
(alter to make strawberry, blueberry shake)

Makes 2 / 8 oz shakes

12 oz. almond or soy milk (can use cow’s milk as well)

¼ scoop of Raw Meal – Vanilla (sometimes I use ½ cup soy/regular vanilla yogurt for variation)

2 graham cracker sheets

1/8 cup cinnamon applesauce (replace with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)

1/8 – ¼ cup Gerber Mulitgrain Cereal, Rice Cereal or Oatmeal
(will depend on how thick you need your shake)


* Add little over ½ tsp of oil to 8 oz poured – if need more fat.
Don’t add to the mix above, add after your have poured the desired amount in your bottle or cup.
(I use safflower or sunflower because I want a buttery flavor and better than vegetable oil)


• Every feeding for Birkley is 8 oz. so this recipe is for 2 feedings for her.

• We use the Cuisinart Smart Stick because it’s fast and a perfect size for making 2 at a time, easy for travel and only $30 – $35.

• If add oil, want to try to use right away. Don’t want to put back in the frig as the shake will start to separate. For this reason, we usually add oil two times a day to her 8 oz shakes. Plus most likely enough added fat.

• We alter her shakes using soy and almond milk throughout the day since soy has more protein and don’t want to hurt her stomach.

Depending on what your child needs, can add honey for more sugar, less oil if don’t need added fat, whatever you need to do, can alter easily. In our case, Birkley uses Avent bottles with a slit at the top so can drink thicker shakes easily without choking.

Peanut Butter and Banana Shake

Same as above but instead of Rawmeal and applesauce, add about a 1 TB to 1 ½ TB of peanut butter or almond butter and add ½ a banana


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Anyone Need Shoes for an AFO?


Anyone need a pair of shoes to fit an AFO? My daughter who is 4 has several new pairs of shoes because we have to buy two pairs each time we purchase a new set. So we have a right shoe, size 7, left shoe, size 6, another right, size 8, left, size 7. We buy a larger size for her left foot (one that wears the AFO) and a smaller size for her right foot. I have tried to find a non profit who would take a donation like this but have had no luck.

If interested, please comment below. If pay for shipping, I would be happy to donate them.

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Best Spoons for Feeding


Love these spoons. They have been the best with Birkley because they are soft and rubbery. Plus the handle is thicker so it’s easy for her to hold. I looked all over for these because I needed more to bring to her school and finally found them at Before she uses it, I cut off some of the spoon part so it’s not so deep.


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Children’s Hospital…Another Roller Coaster Ride

Children's Hospital and our Roller Coaster Ride

These days we aren’t visiting Children’s so much so going to Birkley’s appointment the other week brought back so many memories. I had all the kids with me but thank goodness for the free child care they offer for siblings. At least I could unload one. The girls came with me and they called our name fairly quickly. But then what happens…we wait and wait as Birkley walks the long hallways. Almost thirty minutes later we start. The doctor is amazing so makes up for the time but we proceed to talk about new equipment since Birkley’s getting older and will be outgrowing all of her current equipment…new walker, possible wheelchair for the classroom, bath chair, stroller….Then the doctor moves on to say we should set up an eye appointment, Botox treatment again when we’re ready (which by the way has been a mess dealing with insurance for the last 2 years and still in waiting process from last treatment), and let’s see is that it?…K also an appointment with a ortho….(?)don’t even know the right term.

After the talk, Birk had a hip x-ray which had no idea we were doing (hope insurance helps but know we need to do it anyway). Then met back in the room to go over x-ray (been an hour now with Birkley and my 6 yr old). In the meantime, I’m looking at the time because Bode will have to be picked up soon because the day care closes at noon. X ray went well but then found out that we’ll be getting a new AFO type brace for Birkley’s left foot so the ortho tech was coming in too. Ok, now I have to get my son and come back. Picked up Bode then back to the room. The next doctor fitted Birk for her booty and then as this is going on, the Director of Operations for the department comes in because I was explaining to them what hell I’ve been through with the Botox treatments and dealing with insurance. After 2 hours, we were on our way out.

Phew, so glad we don’t do this every month or 2,3,4 times a month anymore. Makes me tired thinking about it. It can be so overwhelming, stressful, just emotionally exhausting and handling kids on top of it makes me think, no wonder I almost passed out a few times, why I lost weight, why I cried so much… It’s a process I will never forget.

After everything is said and done, I have to say that everyone we met with at Children’s Hospital were amazing. They were so helpful, friendly and sincerely were there to help. Overall, I look forward to not dealing with those type of appointments for a while but we’ll see. Have a feeling that won’t be the case.

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What is In? Help for Some of Us Moms

know whats in - Sweet Savory Studio and Allie Photo Stylist

For me, I like to buy a few “in” pieces every so often just so when I go out with my husband or friends, I can feel good about myself and escape the every day craziness of being a mom.

This is a guest post from my dear friend, Allie. She knows everything about what’s in, what’s hot, what’s not and knows a thing or two about celebrity gossip as well. Love it. She has 2 kids, Noah, 6 and Sadie, 4. Allie is a freelance photo stylist here in Denver, CO and her work is beautiful. You can see her portfolio at:

So here’s the rundown for what’s in right now:

  • Stripes are huge (again,still) but now for pants, tops and shoes
  • IKAT and tribal prints for shirts and pants/shorts
  • Bright colored skinny jeans–kelly green, red, blue, purple…
  • Sperry topsiders (like the ones from the 80’s)
  • Canvas espadrilles, especially TOM’s
  • Mixing different prints together
  • Bright colored ballet flats
  • Bold, colorful jewelry
  • Layering clothes is always good
  • Back packs–but cute ones
  • Beads!–shirts with beads, bags with beads
  • Blazers–little black v
  • Blazers paired with a cute knee length or shorts
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A Variety of Flavor and Foods for Your Child to Try

Flavor and Foods to Try for Special Needs Children
Although every child is different, Birkley is loving all kinds of “sweet and salty” and spicy foods. Again these are not as meals but more for just trying out different foods and flavors. Birkley gets really frustrated if she wants to eat and can’t exactly tell you and feel like we try the same foods over and over so I try to mix it up a little if I can.

Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Guacamole – Know I’ve mentioned before but one of Birkley’s all time favorites. I add salt and a little red pepper.
  • Indian sauces – We made a chicken and rice meal the other night with this sweet and salty type sauce and Birkley loved it. My six year old enjoyed it too.
  • Asian sauces – Hoisin sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar type mix makes a another great sweet and salty flavor.
  • Hot Tamales (the cinnamon, chewy candy) – Yes, the candy only Birkley just likes to lick it. Loves the spice and “pow”.
  • Queso Dip – Messy but likes the heat.
  • Soft cheeses – Havarti and many others can be really soft and fun to eat. Sometimes you can sample some at Whole Foods. Birkley tried some at a friends BBQ the other night and couldn’t stop eating it.


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Last Minute Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day Memory Vase
(Mother’s Day gift I made for my mom)

We are all about homemade gifts in our house. We love to be artsy and even if your art project doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, I think it’s still the best when it comes to showing someone how much you appreciate them. With these ideas, they don’t take long and something anyone can do.

1. Iron on photograph on a tote – Buy iron on transfer paper at an office or craft store. Mom’s would love a cute picture of their kids or grand kids on their bag.

2. Memory Jar or Vase – I loved this. Think of a certain memory you have of your mom and add whatever you want in the jar. Found the idea on

3. Paint your own canvas – Craft stores carry all different sizes of stretched canvas. Use acrylic, watercolor or whatever paint you have and if your not an artist, paint stripes, polka dots, small flowers or any other simple pattern. You can glue a photo to it, pieces of fabric, buttons, or anything you find around the house.

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Practice Foods For Children with Feeding Issues

Practice Foods for Kids with Special NeedsI’m always trying to come up with new foods or snacks my daughter can try and practice eating with; food that melts easily, she can hold and that I can find at local grocery stores. Honestly don’t have time to go to three stores.

If your child has motor delay like mine, hypotonia or just feeding issues meaning that they get their main nutrition from bottles or some other source but love to try other foods, here’s a list for you but would love to hear more ideas. My daughter is four so it can be tough thinking of new foods. These are all easier to hold, melt quickly so you don’t have to worry about choking or just food she likes(keep in mind, she doesn’t consume a lot, so these aren’t meals, more for small b).

  • Graham Crackers by Keebler – Broken into rectangles
  • Club Crackers by Keebler– Rectangular shaped and just the basic kind
  • Cheetos Puffs by Frito-Lay – Easy for my daughter to hold and loves the salt and cheesiness.
  • Guacamole – Loves this stuff with some added salt (when guacamole is in season, we buy it constantly). Great fat too.
  • Organic Peas Baby Food by Gerber- Not as salty and tastes homemade
  • Sweet Corn Casserole by Beech-Nut
  • Dehydrated Apples by Kirkland – Just saw these at Costco and melt easily
  • Ranch – Loves the saltiness and getting her hands in it (just more to clean up)
  • Icing – Just not too sweet (will send “the best icing ever” recipe soon)

These are obviously foods that work for us and of course depends on your child’s situation, but hopefully will get you thinking of more ideas. Every child is different so just take that into consideration. Also these are by no means all healthy foods but for us, any fat is great and loves eating when she can. She feels so proud and is so much happier even though can be small amounts. If have other ideas to share with us, please send a comment below.

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