Dream on Me Ultra 2-in-1 Infant Bath Tub & Toddler Bath Seat

When I first took the bath seat out of the box, I thought it looked a little cheap and didn’t look too stable. It was really light and the plastic didn’t look really solid. There wasn’t even a label or name on it which I thought was funny. The seat was also missing the blue piece that was supposed to be on the back of the seat (thinking that it was made of some non-slip type material). I was also hoping that it would sit up a little more as it does lay back a little and Birkley always tries to sit up.

Dream On Me Bath SeatI was happy with the size of the seat. My daughter is four years old and only weighs around 25 lbs. so this looked perfect for her size. I would just have to try it out in the bathtub and see. I did like the fact that it wasn’t huge either so she could take a bath with her brother or sister which she loves.

Dream On Me Bath Seat

When I put the bath seat in the tub it was pretty easy to get her in it which was really nice. Remember Birkley is four so her legs are getting longer (her other First Years bath seat I was using was starting to get small and it was getting hard to put her legs in and was pressing up against the middle part too much so I know was getting uncomfortable). It seemed to stick to the bottom really well too. I tried to rock it a little to make sure and was a lot more solid than I thought and it did stick really well.

Dream On Me Bath Seat

After a minute, Birkley was trying to sit up which I knew would happen. She looked a little unstable trying to figure out her new seat but after a few more minutes she remained sitting up and just held on to the bar if she needed. I noticed there was a bump on the back of the seat too which gave her support on her lower back but if a child did lay back, I would think it would be uncomfortable so think if a non-slip, padded piece was on the back, it would be great, as well as a non-slip piece under the tush.

Overall, I’m glad I bought it. The price is right on and at $32, I wasn’t afraid to try it out and return it if I needed. If your child can get away with using a baby item for a little longer, this bath seat is definitely a great buy. You just may have to be a little crafty on the back support cushion.

Disclosure: No products or compensation was sent for this review. All opinions are entirely mine and honest.

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