Special needs knee pads (skneeks) are here!!

Special needs knee pads (skneeks) are here!!

After years of making homemade versions, they are here and ready for purchase! You can find them at https://goliiv.com

Hope these can help many. We use a shock absorbent padding with a shoe sole type material on the knee. The knee stitching has changed a bit with testing but great for everyday wear. I really wanted something that could be worn daily, something low profile, comfortable, not too burly and something that could be worn over pants and bare skin.

The idea started when I needed something for my daughter Birkley to wear in the summer when wearing shorts. She wasn’t walking yet, always crawling or almost running on her knees. After years of testing, and improving my design but just for our use, felt I needed to share this with everyone.

Hope you love the idea too.

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