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Special Need Products

We want to become your place for finding out about new products invented by moms like you and me or products currently out there that we have never heard of before. Want us to be able to share what we have found because I find it’s the little things that take sooooo long to find and search for. Sometimes we don’t have time to be inventors every day of our life nor do we want to (we want to play too) and it makes our life that much easier if there’s a place that can help us find the answer a little quicker. Maybe you have made something for your child that could help someone else…how fun if we could make that happen.


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Author: Tamra

I started Special Living Today because my middle child, Birkley, was born with CMV which caused profound hearing loss, hypotonia, physical and motor delay. I'm a UI/UX designer living in Golden, Colorado.

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