Shoes That Fit an AFO at Target for $9.99

Shoes That Fit an AFO at Target for $9.99

Target Shoe That Fits an AFOTarget Shoe That Fits an AFOBirkley needed a new pair of shoes to fit her AFO on her left foot. I shopped everywhere to look for a deal because we have to buy 2 pairs. I have to buy one pair at a size 7 to fit her right foot and another at size 8 for her left foot (for her AFO) so I need the shoe to open up wide as well. Plus we are always running so I wanted velcro. I tried Kohl’s, Stride Rite’s outlet store, Famous Footwear and I know a few more.

Anyway I finally found a great deal at Target. Birkley doesn’t run so I wasn’t too concerned about the quality of the sole but these look really nice for the price and think they are pretty cute.

In case you run into the same situation, I hope this helps make your shopping trip a little easier.


Target Shoe That Fits an AFO


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