Shoes That Fit an AFO at Target for $9.99

Shoes That Fit an AFO at Target for $9.99

Target Shoe That Fits an AFOTarget Shoe That Fits an AFOBirkley needed a new pair of shoes to fit her AFO on her left foot. I shopped everywhere to look for a deal because we have to buy 2 pairs. I have to buy one pair at a size 7 to fit her right foot and another at size 8 for her left foot (for her AFO) so I need the shoe to open up wide as well. Plus we are always running so I wanted velcro. I tried Kohl’s, Stride Rite’s outlet store, Famous Footwear and I know a few more.

Anyway I finally found a great deal at Target. Birkley doesn’t run so I wasn’t too concerned about the quality of the sole but these look really nice for the price and think they are pretty cute.

In case you run into the same situation, I hope this helps make your shopping trip a little easier.


Target Shoe That Fits an AFO


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6 thoughts on “Shoes That Fit an AFO at Target for $9.99”

  • I’m going to have to check those shoes out at Target..I am always on the look out for shoes that are wide enough for my daughters feet/braces. Stride Rite has extra wide shoes that work well but they are expensive. We actually got her a pair of Crocs the other day that work great and they are sooo easy to slip over her AFO’s. But the one downfall is that they are substantial longer than her foot is. We’ll see how long they last to her tearing around in her walker on the putside!

    • Yes, you should. I was surprised. I usually buy from Stride Rite too but usually at the outlet store. Although this time, they were around $35 a pair so I said, forget it. Glad the Crocs worked. My daughter wears out the toes on her shoes really bad when in her gait trainer so we have to buy shoes that fit well. I bought shoe goo this last time to try to make the toe tougher but she still wore through it.

    • I know there is also a pair of converse that work great…My best friend wears AFOs and really wanted some hightops…well Converse has some shoes that have elastic loop laces and zip up and down the side…they work great.

  • As a PT, I often have families remove the insole from the shoe of the side that is not braced – that way you can often buy only ONE pair of shoes.

    • Thanks so much for the idea. Birkley has already worn away the toe of her right shoe(not afo side) so sure will have to buy a new pair again. Ugh. Any ideas on wearing out the toe? I tried shoe goo but no luck.

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