The Need to Slow Down

Slow Down for Our Kids

When I dropped Birkley off at school today, her physical therapist stopped me for a little to go over some things she is working on with Birkley. I knew she’s been improving but so fun to see her therapist so excited about her and her progression. She showed me what to work on at home to get her to use her left hand more, what they are doing at school with this ballet bar type thing, etc. Just being there for ten minutes was so helpful and such a great reminder of why I need to just slow down and focus on Birkley for a little. If that means I need to slow down on my web biz, than that’s what I am going to do. I realize not every mother has that option but for me, I can and feel I owe it to Birkley to help her succeed.

So now here comes the research again. I need to put up bars in my house, buy more magnetic type toys, toys to help her with her hands and to make her think, a spinner type thing to give her another sense of movement, and on top of that I still need to research more foods for her, work on the sleep issue and on and on.

I look forward to catching up on my daughter and her needs but ugh, how we do mothers keep up? All I know is, we have to stop at some point but hate knowing that there is so much more I can do. If we only had the time, right?

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Needing More Help, Live in Nanny Takes Time

So we have finally hired our first live in nanny but keep in mind, we don’t have her 24/7. We do a little trade for free living and a little paid to use her for about 20 hours a week. Works better for us. Anyway it’s taken some time for us to get used to the new situation but I have to say that after a few weeks, things are going great. Still not sure how long we’ll do this but has been a huge break for me and definitely gives me time to work more and really just have some time away from the crazy life of having a child with special needs. Don’t get me wrong, great for help with the other kids too but it’s Birkley I needed a break from.

Keep you posted but if any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Anyone Need Shoes for an AFO?


Anyone need a pair of shoes to fit an AFO? My daughter who is 4 has several new pairs of shoes because we have to buy two pairs each time we purchase a new set. So we have a right shoe, size 7, left shoe, size 6, another right, size 8, left, size 7. We buy a larger size for her left foot (one that wears the AFO) and a smaller size for her right foot. I have tried to find a non profit who would take a donation like this but have had no luck.

If interested, please comment below. If pay for shipping, I would be happy to donate them.

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Best Spoons for Feeding


Love these spoons. They have been the best with Birkley because they are soft and rubbery. Plus the handle is thicker so it’s easy for her to hold. I looked all over for these because I needed more to bring to her school and finally found them at Before she uses it, I cut off some of the spoon part so it’s not so deep.


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My Life is in Overdrive

I know it has been forever since I’ve written and feel like I have a hole I need to fill…Long story short, I realized that I needed to change something in our lives and in mine. I need and want more help with Birkley because I want to live better, live more, and just be excited about life and the things we do daily. So in order to do all of this, I knew I needed to work harder and just make the commitment. Wished there was an easier answer but we all know that you can’t make things happen overnight. Plus I was feeling unhappy. I needed to do something other than deal with Birkley, kids, poop, drool, etc. I like to work and every time I would get involved in a project, I would feel so much better about myself, have more patience with my kids and overall felt I was a better mom.

I started really moving forward with my web development business and all is going really well. I just had to focus on one thing for a while to make sure I was moving in the right direction. I love what I do so it was an easy answer for me. I just had to take the plunge. Think too that I had to make sure I was at a comfortable spot with Birkley meaning that I could trust her in the hands of other nannies more often. No more of this hour here, hour there. Plus I need the break.

I’ll be getting back soon as I have so much to share about Birkley. She has been sitting a ton, eating more..altogether just doing better.



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Children’s Hospital…Another Roller Coaster Ride

Children's Hospital and our Roller Coaster Ride

These days we aren’t visiting Children’s so much so going to Birkley’s appointment the other week brought back so many memories. I had all the kids with me but thank goodness for the free child care they offer for siblings. At least I could unload one. The girls came with me and they called our name fairly quickly. But then what happens…we wait and wait as Birkley walks the long hallways. Almost thirty minutes later we start. The doctor is amazing so makes up for the time but we proceed to talk about new equipment since Birkley’s getting older and will be outgrowing all of her current equipment…new walker, possible wheelchair for the classroom, bath chair, stroller….Then the doctor moves on to say we should set up an eye appointment, Botox treatment again when we’re ready (which by the way has been a mess dealing with insurance for the last 2 years and still in waiting process from last treatment), and let’s see is that it?…K also an appointment with a ortho….(?)don’t even know the right term.

After the talk, Birk had a hip x-ray which had no idea we were doing (hope insurance helps but know we need to do it anyway). Then met back in the room to go over x-ray (been an hour now with Birkley and my 6 yr old). In the meantime, I’m looking at the time because Bode will have to be picked up soon because the day care closes at noon. X ray went well but then found out that we’ll be getting a new AFO type brace for Birkley’s left foot so the ortho tech was coming in too. Ok, now I have to get my son and come back. Picked up Bode then back to the room. The next doctor fitted Birk for her booty and then as this is going on, the Director of Operations for the department comes in because I was explaining to them what hell I’ve been through with the Botox treatments and dealing with insurance. After 2 hours, we were on our way out.

Phew, so glad we don’t do this every month or 2,3,4 times a month anymore. Makes me tired thinking about it. It can be so overwhelming, stressful, just emotionally exhausting and handling kids on top of it makes me think, no wonder I almost passed out a few times, why I lost weight, why I cried so much… It’s a process I will never forget.

After everything is said and done, I have to say that everyone we met with at Children’s Hospital were amazing. They were so helpful, friendly and sincerely were there to help. Overall, I look forward to not dealing with those type of appointments for a while but we’ll see. Have a feeling that won’t be the case.

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Shoes That Fit an AFO at Target for $9.99

Target Shoe That Fits an AFOTarget Shoe That Fits an AFOBirkley needed a new pair of shoes to fit her AFO on her left foot. I shopped everywhere to look for a deal because we have to buy 2 pairs. I have to buy one pair at a size 7 to fit her right foot and another at size 8 for her left foot (for her AFO) so I need the shoe to open up wide as well. Plus we are always running so I wanted velcro. I tried Kohl’s, Stride Rite’s outlet store, Famous Footwear and I know a few more.

Anyway I finally found a great deal at Target. Birkley doesn’t run so I wasn’t too concerned about the quality of the sole but these look really nice for the price and think they are pretty cute.

In case you run into the same situation, I hope this helps make your shopping trip a little easier.


Target Shoe That Fits an AFO


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