How to Help Our Kids Be More Active

How to Help Our Kids Be More Active

Birkley and How to Let Our Kids be Active
My daughter loves to run or at least pretend she’s running, loves to jump in her walker when sees others dancing or jumping, loves watching soccer, baseball, kids playing sports, throwing things, anything… I wish there was a place where they could let themselves be active kids, a place that would enable them do the things they can’t, a gym type place or maybe a class they could go to. Has anyone ever heard of a place like this? If Birkley could walk, I know she would be running soon after. She is so motivated. You can see her energy build up when she watches others. Breaks my heart knowing she can’t follow along but she tries her hardest. If know of any businesses that offer something like this, would love to hear about them. Hoping some day maybe I can offer something like this to kids like Birkley.

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  • We have a friend with a daughter who doesn’t walk. But she goes for horse therapy and that seems to help quite a bit. Her mom also met a ballet teacher who does a private ‘dance’ time with Maddie, just as part of her ministry…she charges the same as one student in a group class. May her tribe increase! Maybe there are others near you who’d catch a similar vision!

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