Our kids, so precious


At Children’s Hospital today and the whole drive(lots of snow so took over an hour), waiting process, and all the questions brought back so many memories. Thank goodness we were only there to do Botox injections to help with Birkley’s hypotonia.

The first eighteen months of Birkleys life, we were at the hospital for multiple blood tests, heart tests, GI tests, you name it, we did it. Then saw every department and doctor. Was exhausting, stressful, and the worst times of our lives. Don’t even know how many times I cried.

To all you parents trying to handle all this for the first time, it is so hard but you can do it. Just make sure to have several people in your life you can cry on and for me, praying constantly was a big part of my life at that time too. When you get to a point when you have no control, you need something. A prayer was my last hope.

I am now so thankful that Birkley is moving forward. She is so precious and of course will do what I can to make her better.

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