My Life is in Overdrive

I know it has been forever since I’ve written and feel like I have a hole I need to fill…Long story short, I realized that I needed to change something in our lives and in mine. I need and want more help with Birkley because I want to live better, live more, and just be excited about life and the things we do daily. So in order to do all of this, I knew I needed to work harder and just make the commitment. Wished there was an easier answer but we all know that you can’t make things happen overnight. Plus I was feeling unhappy. I needed to do something other than deal with Birkley, kids, poop, drool, etc. I like to work and every time I would get involved in a project, I would feel so much better about myself, have more patience with my kids and overall felt I was a better mom.

I started really moving forward with my web development business and all is going really well. I just had to focus on one thing for a while to make sure I was moving in the right direction. I love what I do so it was an easy answer for me. I just had to take the plunge. Think too that I had to make sure I was at a comfortable spot with Birkley meaning that I could trust her in the hands of other nannies more often. No more of this hour here, hour there. Plus I need the break.

I’ll be getting back soon as I have so much to share about Birkley. She has been sitting a ton, eating more..altogether just doing better.



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