Just a Good Day – Yeah Summer!

Just a Good Day – Yeah Summer!

Art by Devlin Logan (my 6 year old daughter) – not all finished:)

You know when someone is talking to you about your child and how you almost get a little choked up and have to hold back the tears?…Well today, I was almost there.

I signed Birkley up for this preschool summer camp at the Golden Rec Center here and I can’t even believe how amazing they have been from the start. To begin with, the woman in charge welcomed us with open arms and even had us meet with the teachers beforehand. She made is so easy and painless which we all know doesn’t happen very often.

Birkley started camp this past Tuesday and went again today. The setting is perfect for Birkley… bright, clean, easy access in her gait trainer to the little outside play area and just had everything set up to where Birkley could reach for things easier. Again, I do pay someone to be with Birkley while she’s there but the price is so reasonable that it works out great.

Today I walk in and one of the head teachers comes to talk to me about Birkley and how wonderful the past day of camp went. She said she had already made friends, that the kids loved her and she couldn’t believe how much Birkley focused on her, the other teachers and the kids. She laughed, sat a lot(her new thing), and was just telling me how charmed she was by her personality and her spark. “She just has that twinkle in her eye.” As she’s telling me this I’m thinking, wow, she doesn’t even know Birkley and I swear she was getting a little choked up inside which in turn almost made me burst into tears but I held back. What an amazing teacher to have shared all those thoughts and feelings about my daughter.

Thanks to all you wonderful teachers, parents, families and friends who really make a huge difference in our life. You don’t know how happy it makes me feel. Today, I had a great day and all because of people who really care.

* Yesterday was a good day too. At her other camp at Rocky Mountain Deaf School, her teachers said she once again sat a lot and she made 4 signs (sign language).

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