I am looking for a technology grant to use an IPad as an assistive technology device/ communication device for my students. Currently, I am using over 32 low, mid & high tech communication boards & devices with my students. It would be an incredible blessing to have one device replace almost all of these. I would be able to have all visuals/ communication devices across every school setting & would have access to millions of much needed visuals within milliseconds.

Soooo, I attempted to apply for a technology grant last week & unfortunately, received an email reply to my five page single-spaced grant proposal that preschool classes are not eligible to apply. BUMMER.
Any ideas of grants to apply for/ where to find grant money for educational technology? Also, has anyone used an Ipad with young children with special needs; I would love ideas on useful apps & pros/ cons of using an Ipad with children with special needs?

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