Instant Pot / Slow Cooker Korean Beef tacos

Instant Pot / Slow Cooker Korean Beef tacos

Because it seems that everyone is hunting for instant pot recipes, I thought I would share this and not too many ingredients which is a plus for me.

I tried this Korean Beef Taco recipe from Pinch of Yum but I did use my slow cooker they suggested you could use as I don’t have the Instant Pot mastered yet and didn’t have time to learn when it was time to start prepping. Have to say, it was pretty tasty and super easy. My picture is definitely not as gorgeous as there’s but after driving my daughter to dance, an interview with a new potential sitter and then feeding Birkley, my middle one who needs help eating, and putting her to bed.. I was starving (wasn’t thinking about a pretty picture). The good thing about waiting though was that by the time we were ready to eat,  about 7:45, the meat was perfectly tender. I put it in at 3:00 so about 4 1/2 hours of cooking made it super yum.

The recipe calls for top sirloin and kimchi. I didn’t want to pay around $20 for 1.5 to 2 lbs of sirloin so I used 1.4 lbs of petite sirloin for under half the price. In a slow cooker or instant pot, if have a little fat on your meat, it’s good as will add to the taste but in this case it was delicious without having a lot of fat.

As far as the kimchi it asks for, they don’t carry anymore at our store so I used a basic slaw and worked great.

When it came to making the yum yum sauce, it honestly sounded a little gross with butter and mayo but it was a perfect sauce with the combination of flavors. I do love some spice too so I used a little Sriracha sauce to top off my tacos. My husband is a huge foody (chef as a hobby) and into trying different sauces so he used another hot chili sauce and also his friends homemade sauce using yellow peppers.

Ooh and most important, these Mission Street Taco flour tortillas are our favorite. I would definitely use these instead of normal flour tortillas. They are super soft and doughy once warmed up.

Mission Street Tacos Tortillas

Hope you try if need a simple recipe all will love. My 7 yr old son isn’t interested in many of our dinners but a 7 yr old could be into this recipe. This isn’t spicy at all so could just eat it with the meat only if wanted.

Thanks Pinch of Yum. Hope to try more of your instant pot recipes in the future once I know how to use the thing.


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