Happy 10th Birthday Birkley!!! My Little Rockstar

Happy 10th Birthday Birkley!!! My Little Rockstar

Today on your 10th birthday, I can’t help but think of all the things you’ve overcome and how much you’ve accomplished over the years. Looking back, I would have never thought you’d be where you are today. You’ve proved so many people wrong including top doctors at Children’s Hospital (I thank god every day the neurologist’s prognosis was wrong) and certain teachers saying you may never communicate through sign language. I would’ve never guessed that you’d almost be walking someday, signing as much as you are, and now just understanding more than we ever thought you could. Just the other day your little brother Bode said, “Birkley can do everything now!”

(As a typical child or adult, you don’t think of all the things/routines you do every day, like your routine going to bed… walking in your room, flipping on the light, opening your door to your bathroom, flipping on the light again, and walking over to brush your teeth, but for Birkley, this is huge!)

Birkley, close to your first birthday, we were told that you had Leukodystrophy, basically a deadly disease that affects the gray and white matter of your brain. We didn’t know if you’d be around to see the age of 2, 4 or even 6? Fortunately, they were wrong but your dad and I definitely went through some really hard emotional times. So now as you turn 10 and I reflect back on everything, I feel so grateful. Of course we know the road will be long and our life will be a lot different from others but we are such a strong family because of all we’ve been through and appreciate more in our daily life. The petty stuff doesn’t get to us and we value the little things.

Birkley, you may exhaust me almost daily, mentally and physically, but we love you tons. We are so so proud of you. You just keep kicking butt, just hopefully not your parents;)


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  • Birkley, Happy Birthday sweet girl! I am so proud and happy to be able to continue to watch you grow up because of your awesome mom and this blog. I hope you have a wonderful day and am so proud of all your Mom and Dad have been able to help you accomplish. Way to go Logan Family! XO

  • I just discovered your blog! How beautiful, and how blessed I am to know Birkley. It never occurred to me that she was incapable of anything. Much love to you and courage for the amazing journey you are privileged with. Love, Miss Mary

    • Thanks Mary, and so glad you found my blog. How I’ve stayed in touch with so many people ever since Birkley was born. Thanks for being such a wonderful influence in Birkley’s life.

  • Yeah Birkley and yeah to a tireless, unstoppable, unwavering don’t tell me it can’t be done, Tamra. A mother who lifts, carries, and pushes strollers and wheel chairs that weigh as much as she does. Who feeds Birkley 2 hours,3 times a day. A mother who always says ” what about Birkley” This mother has no time for self pity or why me. Her only qualities are persistence, endurance, and love. I’ve never seen her without a big smile and asking “how can I help you.” God knew the perfect mother for Birkley. I’m blessed, because Tamra is my daughter
    Love Dad

    • You made me cry. Thanks dad for all. You’re one of the big reasons why I’m the person I am today. Love you sooooo much and appreciate all you’ve done for me and how you molded us kids to be doers. I am blessed too.

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