Giant Special Needs Crib for Home and Local Travel

Giant Special Needs Crib for Home and Local Travel

So after probably 60 – 80 hours of researching and purchasing several options that didn’t work, I think I solved our bed issue for Birkley. I have been looking for a twin size crib solution but one that I could use at home and for traveling to local areas.

Birkley is 5 and was diagnosed with CMV. With that she has hearing loss, hypertonia, hypotonia, motor and developmental delay. Needless to say, we need a bed where she is contained and feels safe if kicks the sides, sits on her knees, stands, and whatever else she does in her bed. I also wanted to find something that we could use as her bed at home and her bed for when we want to travel (at least to drivable places). Birkley does a ton better in familiar spaces which I’m sure is like most special needs children. Living in Colorado, we are usually traveling to nearby mountain towns and every time we stay somewhere else, we usually get no sleep because Birkley has been up all night crying.

This idea is using the Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate, Grey. I bought two because you can connect them for when on the go, put it in a corner and put a couch, chair or something heavy next to it to keep it extra secure(can see an image through the link above). At home, I can just use one and mount the ends to the wall creating a rectangle with the gate and the wall. There is also a door that locks so your child can crawl in and out themselves if need.

My next step is to buy a thin, foldable twin size mattress so again, we can bring everything with us if we need. Plus I don’t want Birkley climbing over the side if the mattress is too thick.

I’ll keep you posted as to how this goes. Hoping to get the bed set up this weekend but will see. Hoping all goes well this time but have a feeling this will work.

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