Creative Summer Camps for 4 Year Olds

Creative Summer Camps for 4 Year Olds

Summer Camps for Special Needs Children
I don’t know about you but here in Colorado in the Golden area, there are no summer camps for four year old’s with special needs. I’m not about to drive 30 minutes early every morning with three kids to take her to one either especially since most only last around 2.5 hours anyway. So needless to say, I have to be crafty if I want a mental break and for my daughter to get out and be with some kids this summer.

I realize summer is coming up fast but I wanted to share some affordable, creative ideas. If your in my situation, you’ve been researching for a while and wondering if you’ll make it through the summer. Well this summer, I finally have a plan that should make my life so much easier and actually be able to look forward to summer. You may still be able to enroll in some programs so make sure to ask. With all of these, I’ll be paying someone to help Birkley. I found an amazing 18 year old who is basically a mom herself as she has lots of siblings. She’s a natural and Birkley warmed up to her right away which isn’t always the case. I was just fortunate to have found a good one and that isn’t always easy either.

1. Check with your local rec center. Here in Golden, they have a preschool camp in the mornings. I called and they were so helpful and accommodating. Even said that we should all meet beforehand so they can meet Birkley and understand her needs.

2. Look for Vacation Bible Schools in the area. Obviously depends on your religious beliefs but again, we found one where they were more than happy to have Birkley.

3. Parents or Mothers Day Out Programs. The Director and teachers here at one of ours in the area are wonderful. Know if I had asked them about Birkley going, they would have loved to have her. Plus they have a enormous gym with lots of “Step 2” type playground equipment. Know Birkley would have a ball and would have been perfect for her walker.

Remember, you never know until you ask and after a few years I finally realized that being creative is sometimes the only way. With options like these, you’ll also be able to hold onto some of that money for yourself and your other children this summer. Yeah!!!! Enjoy the summer!

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