Children’s Hospital…Another Roller Coaster Ride

Children’s Hospital…Another Roller Coaster Ride

Children's Hospital and our Roller Coaster Ride

These days we aren’t visiting Children’s so much so going to Birkley’s appointment the other week brought back so many memories. I had all the kids with me but thank goodness for the free child care they offer for siblings. At least I could unload one. The girls came with me and they called our name fairly quickly. But then what happens…we wait and wait as Birkley walks the long hallways. Almost thirty minutes later we start. The doctor is amazing so makes up for the time but we proceed to talk about new equipment since Birkley’s getting older and will be outgrowing all of her current equipment…new walker, possible wheelchair for the classroom, bath chair, stroller….Then the doctor moves on to say we should set up an eye appointment, Botox treatment again when we’re ready (which by the way has been a mess dealing with insurance for the last 2 years and still in waiting process from last treatment), and let’s see is that it?…K also an appointment with a ortho….(?)don’t even know the right term.

After the talk, Birk had a hip x-ray which had no idea we were doing (hope insurance helps but know we need to do it anyway). Then met back in the room to go over x-ray (been an hour now with Birkley and my 6 yr old). In the meantime, I’m looking at the time because Bode will have to be picked up soon because the day care closes at noon. X ray went well but then found out that we’ll be getting a new AFO type brace for Birkley’s left foot so the ortho tech was coming in too. Ok, now I have to get my son and come back. Picked up Bode then back to the room. The next doctor fitted Birk for her booty and then as this is going on, the Director of Operations for the department comes in because I was explaining to them what hell I’ve been through with the Botox treatments and dealing with insurance. After 2 hours, we were on our way out.

Phew, so glad we don’t do this every month or 2,3,4 times a month anymore. Makes me tired thinking about it. It can be so overwhelming, stressful, just emotionally exhausting and handling kids on top of it makes me think, no wonder I almost passed out a few times, why I lost weight, why I cried so much… It’s a process I will never forget.

After everything is said and done, I have to say that everyone we met with at Children’s Hospital were amazing. They were so helpful, friendly and sincerely were there to help. Overall, I look forward to not dealing with those type of appointments for a while but we’ll see. Have a feeling that won’t be the case.

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