Cerebral Palsy Square Floaty Review

Cerebral Palsy Square Floaty Review

I’ve been meaning to post this for so long but man, summers are insane with kids all home and then having a child with special needs to add to the mix, there’s not much of a break. I can’t think, let alone try to write. Since Labor Day is now coming up, know I’m a little late but hope can help some of you for upcoming vacations and for next summer.

– Little background on my daughter Birkley…Birkley is 10 years old, about 60 lbs, and was given a prognosis of CMV (Cytomegalovirus virus – virus in utero) which caused her to have CP (cerebral palsy) like side effects, she is deaf and has cognitive delay. Birkley is high energy at times, always on the go and walks and runs on her knees if not being assisted to walk. She needs assistance with all so finding the right products where she is safe on her own is important.

I bought this floaty because I’ve searched and searched and was the only thing I could find. Was hoping to find some reviews but literally only found one and it was old. When your buying a floaty for close to $250 (or anything for that matter over $100), you want to make sure it’s worth it and you just pray your making the right decision. For me though, I did get some help through our Colorado waiver program so made it a little easier.

First of all the site that sells this item looks super old school. I’m grateful they sell certain items but I’m a web designer/user experience designer so obviously bothers me. It looks really old, not so trustworthy, the pictures are tiny, and overall doesn’t look like its been updated since 1985. Besides that, I was able to call someone and ask them about their sizing so that was good. The size she suggested, the child size and the one I purchased is way too big in the waist, not at all what I was expecting, but at least there’s room for growth. The seating material is a tough canvas or similar so really durable but feel softer would be nice. The floaty part is soft and has tiny foam balls in it so why it drys so fast and makes it super light.

Overall after trying it out, I think it was a good buy. It holds her up well and will last forever. I do feel there should be more padding on the back side of the floaty (where the childs back is) so this would allow them to sit up better. Think what I’ll probably do is add a pool noodle or similar back there so she feels more stable. The seat is big as well or a little long meaning vertically so I will most likely pinch or sew the bottom seat area in a way that keeps my daughter up a little higher. On a less important note, I wish they used a more modern, better looking fabric so not so medical looking like so many other products out there.

Well hope this really helps some of you in your search. I’ll be posting some videos really soon but in the meantime wanted to make sure I was able to share sooner than later.  If your interested here’s the link to the floaty.

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