Hunting for Non-slip Ideas for Bathing

So I finally came across a site with some good ideas on how to make non-slip surfaces for the water. I don’t want to pay $500 or so for a bathing chair for Birkley so I’m buying another First Years Reclining Booster Seat and adding a non-slip surface to the bath tub so it doesn’t slip. She sits in the chair perfectly and it only costs around $30 and even with adding any of these ideas, I won’t be paying more than $50. So much better.

Here’s the link:
The Boat Galley

I’ll keep you posted as to what worked for us. Yeah! Finally I’m getting somewhere.

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What is In? Help for Some of Us Moms

know whats in - Sweet Savory Studio and Allie Photo Stylist

For me, I like to buy a few “in” pieces every so often just so when I go out with my husband or friends, I can feel good about myself and escape the every day craziness of being a mom.

This is a guest post from my dear friend, Allie. She knows everything about what’s in, what’s hot, what’s not and knows a thing or two about celebrity gossip as well. Love it. She has 2 kids, Noah, 6 and Sadie, 4. Allie is a freelance photo stylist here in Denver, CO and her work is beautiful. You can see her portfolio at:

So here’s the rundown for what’s in right now:

  • Stripes are huge (again,still) but now for pants, tops and shoes
  • IKAT and tribal prints for shirts and pants/shorts
  • Bright colored skinny jeans–kelly green, red, blue, purple…
  • Sperry topsiders (like the ones from the 80’s)
  • Canvas espadrilles, especially TOM’s
  • Mixing different prints together
  • Bright colored ballet flats
  • Bold, colorful jewelry
  • Layering clothes is always good
  • Back packs–but cute ones
  • Beads!–shirts with beads, bags with beads
  • Blazers–little black v
  • Blazers paired with a cute knee length or shorts
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Stores, Resources and More I Couldn’t Live Without

Special Needs - Can't Live Without
Have to say, being a parent of a special needs child, here is a short list of some of my favorite stores, resources and just things I couldn’t live without. They have been huge part of my every day living.


  • Target – Where I buy Mossimo tank tops. With all the drool and poop around here, I love these tops. Plus Target always has majority of the things I need including $5 tops and pants for the girls. Something we buy on a regular basis.
  • – They have tons of stuff and things you can’t find anymore at local stores. I’ve bought Birkley’s bath chair, rubber spoons, and more here. Not just diapers. They have everything.


  • Mommies of Miracles – Just started following about four months ago. Great for connecting with other moms.
  • P2P Forum – Forum in Colorado and know they are in other areas too. Great local information from parents.


  • Love That Max – Love her sarcasm and her articles.
  •, Special Needs, Terri Mauro – One of the first blogs I found. Has great information overall.


  • Taylor Swift and Other Top Hits – My family loves music. I dance with my oldest daughter to Taylor on long days. She is one of her favorites so always helps us change the mood if we need it around that 4:00 time. Birkley loves music even if she can’t hear it and always holds up her hand to join in. Even my son Bode started dancing when he was around nine months and has been dancing ever since.
  • The Lumineers and Other Happy Hang out Songs – Check out the Lumineers if you like pub type, happy music. They are a Denver band and love them. Our family listens to this type of music when we need to just let go and escape a little. Takes us on a mini vacation in a way.


  • Peanut Butter – Think I eat peanut butter once a day at least. Always a great fat and helps keep me going. Plus added to toast, it’s a quick out the door breakfast.
  • Mixed Nuts – Great quick snack when I need some energy and my kids love them too.
  • Greek Yogurt and To-go yogurt – Easy to bring with me in the car and always refreshing.
  • Coffee – Only one of my favorite morning routines. No matter how fast we have to run out the door, I always have my coffee heated back up ready to go. Have you tried Allegro, Whole Foods coffee? So good.


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