Summer Camps are Already in the Works – Ideas?

In the Denver area, I’ve heard of a few camps being offered but always looking for other options. Know of any? Please comment below if do. I would like to make a running list for everyone so when the time comes, we aren’t all stressing. Another option may be going to your local rec center and asking if your child can attend. I paid someone to go with Birkley to the Golden Rec Center last summer and they really enjoyed having her. Either way, here are a few I know of so far.

1. Rocky Mountain Deaf School – If hard of hearing at any level, you can attend. Finding out dates soon.

2. Sewall Child Development Center – Offer all types of camps for kids with all types of needs. An amazing community of great teachers as well.

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The Need to Slow Down

Slow Down for Our Kids

When I dropped Birkley off at school today, her physical therapist stopped me for a little to go over some things she is working on with Birkley. I knew she’s been improving but so fun to see her therapist so excited about her and her progression. She showed me what to work on at home to get her to use her left hand more, what they are doing at school with this ballet bar type thing, etc. Just being there for ten minutes was so helpful and such a great reminder of why I need to just slow down and focus on Birkley for a little. If that means I need to slow down on my web biz, than that’s what I am going to do. I realize not every mother has that option but for me, I can and feel I owe it to Birkley to help her succeed.

So now here comes the research again. I need to put up bars in my house, buy more magnetic type toys, toys to help her with her hands and to make her think, a spinner type thing to give her another sense of movement, and on top of that I still need to research more foods for her, work on the sleep issue and on and on.

I look forward to catching up on my daughter and her needs but ugh, how we do mothers keep up? All I know is, we have to stop at some point but hate knowing that there is so much more I can do. If we only had the time, right?

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Needing More Help, Live in Nanny Takes Time

So we have finally hired our first live in nanny but keep in mind, we don’t have her 24/7. We do a little trade for free living and a little paid to use her for about 20 hours a week. Works better for us. Anyway it’s taken some time for us to get used to the new situation but I have to say that after a few weeks, things are going great. Still not sure how long we’ll do this but has been a huge break for me and definitely gives me time to work more and really just have some time away from the crazy life of having a child with special needs. Don’t get me wrong, great for help with the other kids too but it’s Birkley I needed a break from.

Keep you posted but if any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Anyone Need Shoes for an AFO?


Anyone need a pair of shoes to fit an AFO? My daughter who is 4 has several new pairs of shoes because we have to buy two pairs each time we purchase a new set. So we have a right shoe, size 7, left shoe, size 6, another right, size 8, left, size 7. We buy a larger size for her left foot (one that wears the AFO) and a smaller size for her right foot. I have tried to find a non profit who would take a donation like this but have had no luck.

If interested, please comment below. If pay for shipping, I would be happy to donate them.

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Best Spoons for Feeding


Love these spoons. They have been the best with Birkley because they are soft and rubbery. Plus the handle is thicker so it’s easy for her to hold. I looked all over for these because I needed more to bring to her school and finally found them at Before she uses it, I cut off some of the spoon part so it’s not so deep.


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Ugh, I Need Another Night Out

So after one day of being with all the kids for summer break, ages 6, 4 and 2, I am so disgusting. I’ve been drooled on several times, I have grease stains (who knows where it comes from) on both pairs of my shorts I have worn today and still have yet to take a shower. I am so tired so sorry if this isn’t sounding very clear and feel like I could sleep for two days. Swear that sometimes I feel like this is always going to be my life…I’ll always be a mess and my wardrobe will need to replaced at least every month.

My husband and I went out together last Saturday night for a going away party and we had a really good time. Although we didn’t have a ton of quality time together, we were able to escape the every day craziness and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Just always reminds me that it’s so important to get out even when your tired. Makes you see that there is more to life than what you are going through and makes you appreciate what you do have.

I want to be able to enjoy my kids this summer but I’ll for sure need more nights away. Always a great feeling being able to enjoy my life away from my kids every once in a while and a lot of the stresses that goes along with it. Birkley adds a lot of stress in our lives but at the same time, she pushes me to be the best mom I can be.


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A Variety of Flavor and Foods for Your Child to Try

Flavor and Foods to Try for Special Needs Children
Although every child is different, Birkley is loving all kinds of “sweet and salty” and spicy foods. Again these are not as meals but more for just trying out different foods and flavors. Birkley gets really frustrated if she wants to eat and can’t exactly tell you and feel like we try the same foods over and over so I try to mix it up a little if I can.

Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Guacamole – Know I’ve mentioned before but one of Birkley’s all time favorites. I add salt and a little red pepper.
  • Indian sauces – We made a chicken and rice meal the other night with this sweet and salty type sauce and Birkley loved it. My six year old enjoyed it too.
  • Asian sauces – Hoisin sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar type mix makes a another great sweet and salty flavor.
  • Hot Tamales (the cinnamon, chewy candy) – Yes, the candy only Birkley just likes to lick it. Loves the spice and “pow”.
  • Queso Dip – Messy but likes the heat.
  • Soft cheeses – Havarti and many others can be really soft and fun to eat. Sometimes you can sample some at Whole Foods. Birkley tried some at a friends BBQ the other night and couldn’t stop eating it.


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How to Help Our Kids Be More Active

Birkley and How to Let Our Kids be Active
My daughter loves to run or at least pretend she’s running, loves to jump in her walker when sees others dancing or jumping, loves watching soccer, baseball, kids playing sports, throwing things, anything… I wish there was a place where they could let themselves be active kids, a place that would enable them do the things they can’t, a gym type place or maybe a class they could go to. Has anyone ever heard of a place like this? If Birkley could walk, I know she would be running soon after. She is so motivated. You can see her energy build up when she watches others. Breaks my heart knowing she can’t follow along but she tries her hardest. If know of any businesses that offer something like this, would love to hear about them. Hoping some day maybe I can offer something like this to kids like Birkley.

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Creative Summer Camps for 4 Year Olds

Summer Camps for Special Needs Children
I don’t know about you but here in Colorado in the Golden area, there are no summer camps for four year old’s with special needs. I’m not about to drive 30 minutes early every morning with three kids to take her to one either especially since most only last around 2.5 hours anyway. So needless to say, I have to be crafty if I want a mental break and for my daughter to get out and be with some kids this summer.

I realize summer is coming up fast but I wanted to share some affordable, creative ideas. If your in my situation, you’ve been researching for a while and wondering if you’ll make it through the summer. Well this summer, I finally have a plan that should make my life so much easier and actually be able to look forward to summer. You may still be able to enroll in some programs so make sure to ask. With all of these, I’ll be paying someone to help Birkley. I found an amazing 18 year old who is basically a mom herself as she has lots of siblings. She’s a natural and Birkley warmed up to her right away which isn’t always the case. I was just fortunate to have found a good one and that isn’t always easy either.

1. Check with your local rec center. Here in Golden, they have a preschool camp in the mornings. I called and they were so helpful and accommodating. Even said that we should all meet beforehand so they can meet Birkley and understand her needs.

2. Look for Vacation Bible Schools in the area. Obviously depends on your religious beliefs but again, we found one where they were more than happy to have Birkley.

3. Parents or Mothers Day Out Programs. The Director and teachers here at one of ours in the area are wonderful. Know if I had asked them about Birkley going, they would have loved to have her. Plus they have a enormous gym with lots of “Step 2” type playground equipment. Know Birkley would have a ball and would have been perfect for her walker.

Remember, you never know until you ask and after a few years I finally realized that being creative is sometimes the only way. With options like these, you’ll also be able to hold onto some of that money for yourself and your other children this summer. Yeah!!!! Enjoy the summer!

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CMV: Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About This Virus

Interesting to me why it’s so hard to find information on CMV. My daughter was born with CMV so think it’s so important for woman to know. A lot more common than I thought. Read the article below from a pediatrician’s blog I discovered the other day.


Dr. Gail Demmler-Harrison, Infectious Diseases

Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common virus that most people haven’t heard of.

Most every one will catch CMV at some time in their life and never know they have it.

If a woman gets CMV for the first time while she is pregnant, she can be in a potentially dangerous situation. CMV infects almost 1 out of every 100 newborns in the country and is the most common congenital infection.

The virus is passed to the unborn baby from the mother and can cause serious complications in the newborn, like platelet problems, liver disease, and lung disease. It can also cause long-term effects on hearing, vision, growth, and development by invading the brain, eyes, and ears. Read More

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