Be Who You Are.. This is Who I Am

Be Who You Are.. This is Who I Am

I love how art and design today is all about expressing who you are and how you feel and no one cares about how other people digest it. I think people are respected more because of it and the fact that people are being true to themselves helps everyone else to do the same.

I started Special Living Today because I wanted to express what I was going through with my middle child but then as I moved on, I worried about what others would think, (companies in particular) when I would seek out new opportunities or positions. Would they think I couldn’t handle the job or look at me differently? Now I don’t care what others think. Maybe it’s because I hit my early 40’s, I don’t know, but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished through it all and I’m a stronger individual because of it. Think it pushes me to work harder actually. For me and for us as a couple, we’ve been through a lot with my daughter..seizures, implant surgery – twice, hip surgery with her in a body case for 6 – 8 weeks, honestly can’t even remember anymore… we’ve had to overcome a lot. Yes I wish my daughter was born without all these special needs but you can’t look back. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and because of that, feel my job is to help others creatively. Whether that be through my blogging or actually creating something in my everyday job or for my part-time Birkley job, that’s my passion.

My thought is, be yourself and if others take it the wrong way, then they can read something else, find someone else, whatever. If your open and being who you really are, it will show in your everyday work, in your interactions with others and just make you a happier person. I love my web design, user experience, whatever you want to call it now job and running my own business but I had to take a few mental breaks first to see if it was the right path for me. To all parents out there doing the juggling act, I wish you all the best and just know we’re in this together.

(for the record, this is not me in the photo, this is my daughter)

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