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Summer Camps are Already in the Works – Ideas?

In the Denver area, I’ve heard of a few camps being offered but always looking for other options. Know of any? Please comment below if do. I would like to make a running list for everyone so when the time comes, we aren’t all stressing. […]

No More Live-in Nanny

So we tried but just couldn’t do it. Our nanny was here for two months so feel we gave it a good shot but just didn’t work for us. For one, I just couldn’t get used to the fact that someone was living downstairs (finished […]

Hunting for Non-slip Ideas for Bathing

So I finally came across a site with some good ideas on how to make non-slip surfaces for the water. I don’t want to pay $500 or so for a bathing chair for Birkley so I’m buying another First Years Reclining Booster Seat and adding a non-slip surface to the bath tub so it doesn’t slip. She sits in the chair perfectly and it only costs around $30 and even with adding any of these ideas, I won’t be paying more than $50. So much better.

Here’s the link:
The Boat Galley

I’ll keep you posted as to what worked for us. Yeah! Finally I’m getting somewhere.

The Need to Slow Down

The Need to Slow Down

  When I dropped Birkley off at school today, her physical therapist stopped me for a little to go over some things she is working on with Birkley. I knew she’s been improving but so fun to see her therapist so excited about her and […]

Birkley in Hands and Voices Communicator

Birkley in Hands and Voices Communicator

  Hope does a good job communicating our story to everyone. Wish was online but don’t see anywhere. Find out more about Hands and Voices. Tweet

Needing More Help, Live in Nanny Takes Time

So we have finally hired our first live in nanny but keep in mind, we don’t have her 24/7. We do a little trade for free living and a little paid to use her for about 20 hours a week. Works better for us. Anyway it’s taken some time for us to get used to the new situation but I have to say that after a few weeks, things are going great. Still not sure how long we’ll do this but has been a huge break for me and definitely gives me time to work more and really just have some time away from the crazy life of having a child with special needs. Don’t get me wrong, great for help with the other kids too but it’s Birkley I needed a break from.

Keep you posted but if any questions, feel free to ask away.

Finally a Live in Nanny!

Thanks to everyone who helped me with all my questions, concerns, etc. We finally figured out a situation that worked and now our new live in nanny starts next week. Yahoo!! Think she’ll be great but will keep you posted. So excited for Birkley to […]

Anyone Need Shoes for an AFO?

Anyone Need Shoes for an AFO?

Anyone need a pair of shoes to fit an AFO? My daughter who is 4 has several new pairs of shoes because we have to buy two pairs each time we purchase a new set. So we have a right shoe, size 7, left shoe, […]

Best Spoons for Feeding

Best Spoons for Feeding

Love these spoons. They have been the best with Birkley because they are soft and rubbery. Plus the handle is thicker so it’s easy for her to hold. I looked all over for these because I needed more to bring to her school and finally found them at Before she uses it, I cut off some of the spoon part so it’s not so deep.


My Life is in Overdrive

I know it has been forever since I’ve written and feel like I have a hole I need to fill…Long story short, I realized that I needed to change something in our lives and in mine. I need and want more help with Birkley because […]