(Me and Birkley at age 3)
Special Living Today was started primarily for parents of special needs kids but it’s useful for family, friends, care givers, physicians, therapists and anyone surrounded by a child who has any type of health or medical need. My purpose is to help with the searching and offer more product ideas to those of us who are looking for answers.

About Me

I am the mother of three. My middle child Birkley was born with CMV which caused profound hearing loss, hypotonia, physical and motor delay. I found it difficult to find resources and the right products I needed for my daughter, so I wanted to create an easier way for all of us to share what we’ve found, maybe invented and live a little better.

I love staying active and love the Denver area for all it has to offer… great eateries, gorgeous mountains and not to mention, great camps and more for Birkley. I love “Free People”, I’m a huge creative (freelance designer), I enjoy trying new, hot restaurants and my favorite is just hanging out at home with the family eating a fabulous meal made by my husband.