Special Living Today was started primarily for parents of special needs kids but over time I’ve wanted to share more about my family and what we’re all about….a creative but tech-nerdy household (mainly due to my husband). We have 3 kids, a 12 year and 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son. My middle child Birkley was born with CMV so this caused her to have cerebral palsy, is deaf, and needs a lot of assistance but having her is what really makes us who we are today. My purpose is to share what we love and experience but also to share what it’s like to live with a child with special needs (& of course be able to laugh at ourselves along the way). I’m hoping to help others and offer more product ideas to those of us who are looking for answers.

About Me

I love to be active, bake and of course do anything crafty, paint, etc. I’m also a freelance UI/UX designer. My husband is in the same field (and how we met) but at an ad agency and does all the traveling. Hence the reason why I started this. I needed an outlet.

My husband is also the chef in the household. His creativity in the kitchen is like me with colors so needless to say I’ll be sharing his recipes which are usually gorgeous and some of mine which are more mom like.

Overall I am one to do whatever it takes to get my daughter out doing what the rest of us are doing. It’s not easy and everything takes a lot more planning but want my family to enjoy all that we can.. skiing, little travel, and just having fun in our daily life. I’m big into being inventive and if my answer or solution isn’t out there, I try my hardest to figure it out.

More of What We Love

As a couple, we are big on date nights, trying new eateries in the Denver or Golden area, and biking or anything outdoors. As a family, we love skiing together, hiking, lazy saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and crafting together.