Updates For a Better Special Living Today!

Updates For a Better Special Living Today!

This January, I’m back but with a better blog. I have lived and learned and realize I need this for me and my family. This time though I want to share more of me, who I am, my family, not just special needs challenges. I know now after much thought and experience that when you have a child with a disability, it helps to know the people behind the scenes. Feel gives people a sense at what life is really like on a daily basis. So now you can see what we are all about..an artsy, tech nerdy, mountain but also city loving family with a daughter who brings on some pretty big challenges. But I have always been the one to get around those obstacles or to try my best and that is why I feel the need to share. I am a huge creative meaning inventive I guess in every way and that is what this blog is mainly about…and of course other fun stuff too. Helping others and networking has always been in my blood so here’s to moving forward!!! More to come.



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